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Welcome to Second Homes at Deep Creek Lake, specializing in luxury fractional homes at beautiful Deep Creek Lake in the mountains of Western Maryland

A Piece of Luxury

There is no need to pay millions for a second home you may use only a few weeks per year. Through fractional ownership, you can now own a luxury home and pay only for your actual usage. Less upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs makes a lot of sense in today's economy.

Hassle-free Ownership

You and your family can enjoy a warm, truly spectacular home with all the latest gadgets and creature comforts, without the usual burdens of second home ownership. That's because your home is professionally managed, from routine maintenance and housekeeping to monthly bill payment, leaving you more time to do what YOU want to do.

A "Green" Solution

The average second home in the U.S. is used less than 30 days per year, and often sits idle, gathering dust and wasting energy for months at a time. This is not the case with fractional ownership. Owner families use their home throughout the year, sharing resources and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the home.

Not a Timeshare

Fractional ownership, through Second Homes at Deep Creek Lake, provides individually deeded, "bricks and mortar" second home ownership to a limited number of buyers for each luxury home. There are no pre-set reservations. On a semi-annual basis, owners choose when they would like to visit throughout the year. Depending on which home is purchased, owners are guaranteed 7, 8 or 10 weeks of usage per year. A well- documented reservations system ensures that all owners receive fair and equitable usage of their home throughout the year.

Fractional interests are bought and sold like any other real estate. Studies show that resale values for fractional interests tend to keep up with surrounding whole ownership property values in the area.

Owners have complete say in the management of their home, from whether or not holiday decorations are to be purchased or a sofa needs to be replaced to how often the house is repainted.

A Proven Concept

Created in the early 1990's in the Western Mountain regions of the U.S., fractional ownership is a legally defined solution for second home ownership. It now exists in many resort areas of the U.S. and the world, and has been offered at Deep Creek Lake since 2005.

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